Hey 9ers. I wonder if you could help me with something. I am British by birth, but moved to Canadia a couple of years ago. In order to keep in touch with the folks back home I used to use WhatsApp, but it has recently stopped working. Do you guys have any equivalent apps I could use (I'm on android bee-tee-dubs)

OK. So, what does everybody think of the NeOdeck announcement? Namely, that it's out of Beta-testing, but it's going to remain in a state where those invited to be authors can make original posts, and the rest of us can just reply.

No one is looking at my physics thing! So I'm going to post it again... but to make up for being needy and desperate, here is a video that teaches you how to jump on eggs without breaking them. Enjoy.


Quick observation about the New Kinja Monster. (I'd post it on the NeOdeck, but I haven't been invited *sniff*): Private view is great and all, but it double posts any replies from people I'm following. Once as a "this is a reply to you" thing, and once as a "this person you follow made a comment" thing, this is…

I can't even get over how bullshit this is. David Cage (creator of Heavy Rain) saying that silent movies "struggled to convey emotion" because of inferior tech, while The Great Train Robbery played behind him.